With our ancestry dating back over 150 years in the Eden Valley region our roots run deep. Our passion for the area, the seasons and our estate is expressed in what we create.

Our History

Arriving in the Flaxman & Eden Valley region in 1861 our ancestor, Heinrich Fiebiger was one of the founding men who petitioned the South Australian Governor to form a local council in the area in 1873. He continued to work in forming and administering for local government, working between 1866 and 1902 across 3 councils.

Over 150 years later our family still thrive and live off the land in this area.

We have dedicated each of our wines after the many roles Heinrich undertook during those formative years of establishing a community.


“Like our vines, our roots run deep in this region, with our family history dating back

over 150 years”

Thistle & Burr

Our “Thistle & Burr” Riesling is named after Heinrich’s role in 1873 of inspector. The South Australian parliament was one of the first in the world to pass legislation to protect its natural resources. The “Thistle & Burr” Act was proclaimed in 1862, whereby landowners were responsible for the eradication of thistle & burr weeds on their land, and there was a penalty for default. During settlement weeds could spread rapidly and each local council was required to ensure the act was enforced.

Justice of the Peace

In 1890 Heinrich was given the honour of becoming a “Justice of the Peace”. This role is rich in English history, with its origins dating back to 1195 in the days of Richard the Lionheart. In Australia during settlement each state appointed their own Justice of the Peace, and South Australia appointed its first one in 1836. The role is typically appointed to someone who is respected and with good stature within a community. Heinrich was relied upon for his wisdom and advice during the formative years of settlement.

Bush Lawyer

In 1878 Heinrich was known to work as a “Bush Lawyer”. This term is part of Australian settlement history where many early settlers only had the means to take advice from a person experienced but without formal qualifications. Heinrich was well known for his valuable asset of being fluent in both German and English during a time when many of the German settlers relied upon their native language. Due to his ability to both translate and understand law, he became relied upon in the area to advise on local disputes.

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"We are passionate about making wines that express the season and our vineyard which it came from"

How we started

Once you are born in the Barossa it never leaves you, and it was the same for us. After 20 years successfully working in the fashion accessories industry in Melbourne and travelling the world continuously in that role, we finally brought ourselves home and took on our vineyard in 2012.

Passion & Craftsmanship

Our previous roles working in design has allowed us to put the same passion for detail and craftsmanship in the wine we produce. We understand that it’s the smallest details that matter, and we work closely with our winemaker Jo Irvine who shares this same belief.

Season & Place

Working with the seasons has been a way of life for us. We love that our wine can express the season and our vineyard which it came from. The seasons inspire all we do.


Our Timeline



After many years of work and patience as our wine matured, 2018 is the year that Kyara’s first vintages of wine are officially launched and exported internationally.


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Record temperatures over 40°c and the worst bushfires in Eden Valley history. Thankfully the fires did not come close to our vineyard, although other family living in the area were effected.


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A momentous decision to take on a vineyard and create our label. We focused on making improvements to the vineyard, to ensure we were producing wine at our estates best.


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The property was sectioned off in the 1970’s and the new owners set about establishing a vineyard. Thankfully, Eden Valley’s signature variety Riesling was first planted.


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A wet winter was followed with perfect conditions of mild temperatures throughout the ripening period to create a fairy tale vintage for us. A perfect homecoming as we relocated full time to our estate.


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A thrilling year for us, as it was the first harvest for Kyara. The fruit quality surpassed our expectations.


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Previous owners of the property planted the shiraz and cabernet sauvignon vines in the 1990’s.


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The first part of our home was built in 1872 by John Heath, as a new home for himself and his new bride Bessie. His father & mother lived next door in the Heathvale property.

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Heinrich first settled in Flaxman’s Valley in 1861 and later built his homestead in Keyneton in 1871. He was one of the men who petitioned the South Australian Governor to proclaim a local council for the area in 1873. He was a greatly respected member of the community, working across 3 councils between 1866 & 1902. Heinrich passed away in 1908 aged 70. Our family still live and farm in the region.


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In 1847 our ancestor Heinrich Fiebiger, arrived in South Australia aged 10 with his parents and brother from Silesia Prussia in Europe. They first settled in Hahndorf. Heinrich must have spent this time studying, as he was fluent in both verbal and written English by the time he arrived in the Barossa and Eden Valley regions in 1861.