“We thrive in making wines that express the season and our vineyard which it came from”

Our Wines

Grown from our single site estate vineyard Our wine is a true expression of the Eden Valley and the season it came from. Our vineyard is an oasis in Barossa’s high country surrounded by majestic gumtrees and native wildlife


The Whites

“Thistle & Burr”



The Reds

“Bush Lawyer”

Cabernet Sauvignon
“Justice of the Peace”



A taste of seasons


We specialise in producing premium single site wines from our boutique estate vineyard in the Eden Valley, part of the Barossa’s beautiful high country. After taking on the vineyard in 2012 we dedicated ourselves to ensuring the best practises in viticulture to produce fruit of exceptional quality.

Great care was taken in selecting a wine maker who had a passion for detail and for our region, and we found that in Jo Irvine. Her skill is shown in producing distinctive wines that are elegant yet complex and a true expression of our site and the season which it came from.

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Our Grapes

The grapes grown on our estate property express not only the site and soil which they are grown in, but also the season in which they ripen. This ensures that each variety and vintage is distinctive in its own way.


Our Viticulture


Our vineyard is managed with traditional practices with a focus to allow the vines and nature to lead the way, and to be patient. We prune hard, mulch as much as possible and limit bunch numbers to allow best fruit flavours.

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“I believe it’s all the small details that matter, if you focus on that you can achieve perfection”

Jo Irvine, Wine maker

Our Winemaking

Our winemaker Jo Irvine has a passion for detail, and she shows off this skill in the great care she takes with our wine. Our wines display elegant, yet complex characteristics which are unique to our vineyard.

Our Barrels

Predominantly French premium oak barrels have been sourced and perfectly matched for our wine by our winemaker. The oak selected ensures depth, yet subtly to ensure the fruit is allowed to shine through.

Awards & Honours

Jo Irvine’s wine making has been acclaimed both in Australia and Internationally, winning multiple awards over many decades, including International Red Winemaker of the Year UK in 2006, Barossa Winemaker of the Year 2009 and being Inducted into the honorary role of “Baron of the Barossa” in 2014


Jo Irvine

Born into wine

Jo’s career began from a very early age, following her famous wine making father James Irvine around a winery from the age of 7. Being born into wine, she has learnt the ritual of tasting ferments and blending over her entire lifetime.


Working in both Australia and the USA in her wine making career, Jo has refined her philosophy of making great wines through attention to detail and appreciating the synergy between the vineyard and winery.

Our Estate

Our vineyard is situated in the Eden Valley, part of the Barossa’s beautiful high country. Its an oasis surrounded by magestic gum trees and native wildlife.